Washing Up Liquid

Adapted from (my idols) Team Pugh

Shop bought washing up liquids can contain some really nasty crap so I wanted to make something more natural, this one caused some problems with the other half as washing dishes is a passion of his (lol) and he ensured me that it had to CUT GREASE or he wouldn’t use it – big task for me then!

I know brands like Ecover exist for this reason but my issues with these companies are: they still contain nasties (albeit a fraction of brands like fairy) and they are insanely overpriced which outweighs the average struggling working families ability to cost effectively buy these products, making it somewhat of a ‘yummy mummy’ fad (in my opinion) – but most importantly even if you are a fan of Ecover etc make sure you are still aware of WHY these products are better/worse and don’t just look for ‘Eco-friendly’ or ‘organic’ labels as they might just be lies!! Having said that I’m sure the planet would rather we all used Ecover than Fairy…


1tbsp/5g grated natural soap (2p)
1tbsp/10g soda crystals (1p)
20ml white vinegar (2p)
20-25 drops lemon and grapefruit essential oils (28p)
800ml Boiling Water
(The magic ingredient – splash of vodka)

Total cost per 830ml bottle: 33p

Step 1
Boil water
Step 2
Add soap and soda until they’re dissolved
Step 3
Add all other ingredients

One month later…

Initially this was a disaster, it cleaned really well but (lazy us not drying) when it had air dried by the morning it had an oily film over the pots which Mr Jones was most disgruntled about…

So here’s the magic ingredient to make sure it’s super mixed… VODKA… Seriously! Add a splash and give the liquid a shake and voila, perfect! It’s also lasted really well, only used half a bottle in a month! Not bad for 33p!

I’ve noticed if I don’t get the ratios right I get a filmy layer over all the pots so I’ll continue to search for a more foolproof replacement but in the meantime this will do!

The only thing is, this recipe doesn’t froth at all… If that bothers you maybe this isn’t for you but it’s passed the test for us 🙂

Easy to make: 8/10
Effectiveness: 6/10


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