Body Butter

My skin gets really dry in winter (though hopefully with my new homemade chemical free washing powder this might change) but this body butter recipe looked so appealing I had to try…

At first it appears very expensive compared to most of my other homemade products but if you think of the price of lush body butters or even posher ones (I’m so cheap I can’t actually name anything more expensive) this is super cheap and sooooooo goooooooood!!!!!


100g shea butter (2.49)
50g raw unrefined coconut oil(32p)
50g jojoba oil(2.70)
20 drops Eucalyptus essential oil(30p)

Total cost: £5.81

This is a slightly more complex recipe than the others featured here so listen up…

Step 1
Put a pyrex bowl over a pan of boiling water (makeshift double boiler) make sure the water isn’t touching the bowl and that there’s a knife or something wedged between the pan and the bowl so the steam can escape.
In this melt the Shea butter and coconut oil together

Step 2
Stir in jojoba oil and eucalyptus eo

Step 3
Put in the freezer for about 10 minutes until it looks solid on top but is still a bit liquidy underneath

Step 4
Whisk, it will start to look buttery and fluffy in no time. Put your mixture in a glass jar to store.

One month later…

Its sooooo niiiiiccceeeee, you scoop some out the jar and it just melts on your skin! I lather it on after a shower and it sinks in so quick, plus a little goes a long way so I think its gonna last ages, even after a month with nearly daily use I’ve barely made a dent in my jar!

Cost: 7/10
Easy to make: 7/10



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