Traditional deodorants have been linked to all kinds of terrible things such as breast cancer!! So I feel strongly about this one. I’ve used talc for about 6 months but it only lasts about half a day so I was ready for pinterest to show me the way…. And it did here!


45g cornflour (6p) 45g bicarb of soda (33p)

3 tbsp coconut oil (31p)

Tea tree essential oil

Lemon essential oil

Total cost with EOs: 95p

Melt coconut oil a little and mix with cornflour and bicarb, add in essential oils.
This made a sturdy paste which I spooned into a glass jar and just dunk my finger in and rub it on my armpits(yum) every morning. The tea tree and the coconut are supposedly anti bacterial and absorb smells and the lemon is just lovely.

One month later…
To be totally honest after the first week I was a bit disappointed, the weather got cold and getting the stuff out and then rubbing on my armpits was a nightmare! Also it was leaving white streaks on my clothes and not combatting BO very well…. GUTTED!

But then…. I read an article about someone that used just coconut oil for deodorant so I tried rubbing some coconut oil on my armpits the spooning some deodorant out and using that too (didn’t want to waste the full jar) and now it works like a charm.

I don’t know if the deodorant is totally ineffective and I might as well chuck it but when its finished I’ll try just the coconut and see how that works… It’ll be cheaper anyway!

Cost: 9/10
Easy to make: 8/10
Effectiveness: 3/10


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