Laundry Soap


This one was interesting. After scouring Pinterest for hours I couldn’t find anything that didn’t contain washing soda…. Here in sunny(ha) Manchester I couldn’t find it anywhere then suddenly google struck gold…. Washing soda is bicarbonate of soda baked at 200deg Celsius for an hour. SORTED!

I’ve never used powder before because daddy dearest told me when I was little it clogs up the washing machine but I figured I’d give it a go because its waaaay cheaper than making liquid detergent so here’s the powdered recipe.


375g washing soda(74p)
375g borax substitute(115p)
140g natural soap flakes/grated natural soap (53p)
20 drops rose essential oil

Total cost: £2.42

I worked out it costs about 4p per load and will last me nearly a year!

Now there’s big debate in the eco friendly community about borax and the website I buy all my natural produce off sells this borax substitute, the original recipe called for borax but I’ve not used it and it works fine so… Go figure?

Mix all the ingredients in a big pot and store in a glass jar, use about 2tbsp per load. And because of my dads sharp warnings about the dangers of powdered washing detergent(bless) I put the powder in the detergent section and pour a tiny bit of boiling water to mix it in before I put the washer on.

one month later…

So far it’s worked fabulous on stains including coco pops from the kids I nanny for and a nose bleed all down my favourite jumper. Lovely stuff 🙂 and much better than anything I’ve used before

The only problem is it doesn’t really smell of the essential oil so either add more or use a stronger smeller, I might add lemon next time but lavender is another strong contender!

Cost: 11/10 wow
Easy to make: 7/10 (turning the bicarb into washing soda was easy but annoying)
Efficiency: 10/10

At this point I’m still amazed by how cheap it is and how incredibly it works… I think I need to lie down.



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