Making this was Adam’s brainchild, we both feel passionately that fluoride is a poison and as it is already pumped through the water supply here in Manchester wed rather not willingly scrub it into our mouths twice a day as well!

Anyway! So we have been using euthymol toothpaste which is fluoride free but it’s still full of crap so we’ve decided to make our own….


50ml raw unrefined coconut oil(31p)
3tbsp bicarb of soda(33p)
25 drops peppermint essential oil(14p)

Total cost: 78p

Melt coconut oil a little so it’s easier to mix and blend everything together!

We keep this in a little pot and scrape some onto toothpaste as needed.
It’s taken some getting used to as its a totally different texture, some people put stevia in the recipe too for taste but I think it’s ok without.

There is some debate about how good coconut oil is when used for toothpaste but ill do a little more research here and update…

one month later…

Easy to make: 9/10
Efficiency: 8/10 (feels a little weird)

Its lasted well, the texture is quite strange and I keep having to add more peppermint oil as it doesn’t taste too minty. My teeth have never felt cleaner but I’m not sure were fully convinced so new recipe might pop up soon…


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