This week we’ve had a verry sudden drop in temperature which meant our toothpaste kept going rock hard… hardly ideal when you want to brush your teeth! So i’ve looked at other ways of cleaning our teeth chemical free..

All the ingredients in this toothpowder actively promote healthier teeth and gums and the clay and bicard actively whiten teeth!here’s the recipe for mine but bear in mind that this is totally variable for what works best for you!


White Kaolin Clay(40g) – 40p

Bicarbonate of Soda(40g) – 29p

Peppermint EO(15 drops) – 20p

Sea Salt(10g) – 2p

Xylitol(10g) – 12p

Total cost 100g bottle: £1.03


Put bicarbonate of soda and clay together which will make about 80% of your container. In a mortar and pestle grind the xylitol and salt into a fine powder

Put all ingredients together including peppermint and mix together

Put your toothpowder into your container, DONE!

To use pour some powder into your hand/a bowl etc, wet toothbrush and dunk in powder, scrub teeth and rinse 🙂

One month later…

Cost: 8/10
Easy to make: 8/10
Effectiveness: 9/10

Toothpowder is a million times better than the paste. My teeth feel clean all day even after eating so I think the ingredients must stay active in your mouth for a while! The tobacco and coffee stains on my teeth are slowly but surely starting to go but my teeth look whiter in general.

We took this powder down to my boyfriends mums and she and his brother both agreed that it worked well however they found it too salty and not minty enough which is why I say, this recipe is totally for you to mix as you please according to taste and effectiveness for you!!




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