Homemade Vicks Rub

We’ve officially hit winter in October here in manchester and me and adam have been crazy ill. I’m talking the mother of all colds.

I was merrily off to buy some Vicks when I started thinking about how it always leaves my skin red and rashy and is full of nasties, so I decided I’d have a go at making my own. The recipe and method is the same as the body butter in the personal health section on this blog (can’t work out how to link it), but changing the essential oils to create a menthol aroma.

Follow the instructions for my body butter and replace those essential oils with:

– eucalyptus
– tee tree
– lavender
– peppermint

And any other menthol solutions you can think of!

Make sure you only add 3-5 drops of each oil and decrease no. drops if you add more oils to the mix!

This solution has lasted over 2 weeks in an airtight jar and not lost its aroma but my body butter has been around since august and still going strong so I think the mixture will easily keep through the winter cold season.

Also to help decongest ion add boiling water to a cup and add a few drops of the above essential oils and breath in the steam. Get well soon :)!



This week we’ve had a verry sudden drop in temperature which meant our toothpaste kept going rock hard… hardly ideal when you want to brush your teeth! So i’ve looked at other ways of cleaning our teeth chemical free..

All the ingredients in this toothpowder actively promote healthier teeth and gums and the clay and bicard actively whiten teeth!here’s the recipe for mine but bear in mind that this is totally variable for what works best for you!


White Kaolin Clay(40g) – 40p

Bicarbonate of Soda(40g) – 29p

Peppermint EO(15 drops) – 20p

Sea Salt(10g) – 2p

Xylitol(10g) – 12p

Total cost 100g bottle: £1.03


Put bicarbonate of soda and clay together which will make about 80% of your container. In a mortar and pestle grind the xylitol and salt into a fine powder

Put all ingredients together including peppermint and mix together

Put your toothpowder into your container, DONE!

To use pour some powder into your hand/a bowl etc, wet toothbrush and dunk in powder, scrub teeth and rinse 🙂

One month later…

Cost: 8/10
Easy to make: 8/10
Effectiveness: 9/10

Toothpowder is a million times better than the paste. My teeth feel clean all day even after eating so I think the ingredients must stay active in your mouth for a while! The tobacco and coffee stains on my teeth are slowly but surely starting to go but my teeth look whiter in general.

We took this powder down to my boyfriends mums and she and his brother both agreed that it worked well however they found it too salty and not minty enough which is why I say, this recipe is totally for you to mix as you please according to taste and effectiveness for you!!




Traditional deodorants have been linked to all kinds of terrible things such as breast cancer!! So I feel strongly about this one. I’ve used talc for about 6 months but it only lasts about half a day so I was ready for pinterest to show me the way…. And it did here!


45g cornflour (6p) 45g bicarb of soda (33p)

3 tbsp coconut oil (31p)

Tea tree essential oil

Lemon essential oil

Total cost with EOs: 95p

Melt coconut oil a little and mix with cornflour and bicarb, add in essential oils.
This made a sturdy paste which I spooned into a glass jar and just dunk my finger in and rub it on my armpits(yum) every morning. The tea tree and the coconut are supposedly anti bacterial and absorb smells and the lemon is just lovely.

One month later…
To be totally honest after the first week I was a bit disappointed, the weather got cold and getting the stuff out and then rubbing on my armpits was a nightmare! Also it was leaving white streaks on my clothes and not combatting BO very well…. GUTTED!

But then…. I read an article about someone that used just coconut oil for deodorant so I tried rubbing some coconut oil on my armpits the spooning some deodorant out and using that too (didn’t want to waste the full jar) and now it works like a charm.

I don’t know if the deodorant is totally ineffective and I might as well chuck it but when its finished I’ll try just the coconut and see how that works… It’ll be cheaper anyway!

Cost: 9/10
Easy to make: 8/10
Effectiveness: 3/10

Body Butter

My skin gets really dry in winter (though hopefully with my new homemade chemical free washing powder this might change) but this body butter recipe looked so appealing I had to try…

At first it appears very expensive compared to most of my other homemade products but if you think of the price of lush body butters or even posher ones (I’m so cheap I can’t actually name anything more expensive) this is super cheap and sooooooo goooooooood!!!!!


100g shea butter (2.49)
50g raw unrefined coconut oil(32p)
50g jojoba oil(2.70)
20 drops Eucalyptus essential oil(30p)

Total cost: £5.81

This is a slightly more complex recipe than the others featured here so listen up…

Step 1
Put a pyrex bowl over a pan of boiling water (makeshift double boiler) make sure the water isn’t touching the bowl and that there’s a knife or something wedged between the pan and the bowl so the steam can escape.
In this melt the Shea butter and coconut oil together

Step 2
Stir in jojoba oil and eucalyptus eo

Step 3
Put in the freezer for about 10 minutes until it looks solid on top but is still a bit liquidy underneath

Step 4
Whisk, it will start to look buttery and fluffy in no time. Put your mixture in a glass jar to store.

One month later…

Its sooooo niiiiiccceeeee, you scoop some out the jar and it just melts on your skin! I lather it on after a shower and it sinks in so quick, plus a little goes a long way so I think its gonna last ages, even after a month with nearly daily use I’ve barely made a dent in my jar!

Cost: 7/10
Easy to make: 7/10



Making this was Adam’s brainchild, we both feel passionately that fluoride is a poison and as it is already pumped through the water supply here in Manchester wed rather not willingly scrub it into our mouths twice a day as well!

Anyway! So we have been using euthymol toothpaste which is fluoride free but it’s still full of crap so we’ve decided to make our own….


50ml raw unrefined coconut oil(31p)
3tbsp bicarb of soda(33p)
25 drops peppermint essential oil(14p)

Total cost: 78p

Melt coconut oil a little so it’s easier to mix and blend everything together!

We keep this in a little pot and scrape some onto toothpaste as needed.
It’s taken some getting used to as its a totally different texture, some people put stevia in the recipe too for taste but I think it’s ok without.

There is some debate about how good coconut oil is when used for toothpaste but ill do a little more research here and update…

one month later…

Easy to make: 9/10
Efficiency: 8/10 (feels a little weird)

Its lasted well, the texture is quite strange and I keep having to add more peppermint oil as it doesn’t taste too minty. My teeth have never felt cleaner but I’m not sure were fully convinced so new recipe might pop up soon…