Beginning The Journey

So since meeting my very political boyfriend I’ve started to become more aware of the evil stuff that goes on in the world, which has lead us to realising how big corporations are plugging everything we buy full of stuff that – shock horror – is really really bad for you. So we’ve decided to try and change our lives becoming as chemical free as we can…

Each item in our experiment has to meet three criteria to pass the test: it’s gotta be cheap, its gotta be easy to make (very lazy) and it’s got to be as good or better than what we used to shop-buy.

I’ll make sure I try every item for at least one month, if I’m satisfied I’ll put it on here including broken down cost to make it and if I’m not satisfied? Depends how terrible it is, if its a total non starter I’ll leave it to be forgotten but if it’s not for me but still works I’ll post it for you guys to decide!

The testers! Me and Mr Jones with the minion hats I made for His little brothers :):)

Very few of the recipes are mine, most I’ve found on Pinterest (best invention ever) and where I can find it I’ll link back but I wasn’t planning on making a blog about our experiment at first so I’ve forgotten where most have come from!! If you see something on here and you’ve seen it before let me know so I can give credit 🙂


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